Donate: Kuuy Nahwá’a

Thank you for your interest in supporting Tongva-led land return, housing Tribal members, community-building, ceremony, archiving, and rematriating land.

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Pathway at the Tongva Taraxat Paxaavxa Conservancy

Kuuy nahwá’a is a Tongva peoples concept that means guest exchange. It’s a voluntary recurring contribution individuals and institutions can make to support Tongva-led Land Back efforts acknowledging both relationships and reciprocity to lands and Native Peoples of Tovaangar, this place many of us now call home.

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We request large donations ($1k+) be made via wire transfer or check, as the online platform takes a percentage of donations. Email for wire instructions. Please mail checks to: Tongva Taraxat Paxaavxa Conservancy Address: PO Box 608 Claremont, CA 91711. Thank you.

If you would like to give but you are struggling financially, please don’t give money. There are many other ways to be a good guest. Respect Mother Earth, learn about the original people of the land, and build a loving relationship with native plants of Tovaangar. 

The Tongva Taraxat Paxaavxa Conservancy is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit, EIN 87-1422866. All donations are tax deductible.